Learn Techniques

The User Research Center offers training and workshops for staff, along with a variety of resources to learn about best practices in user experience testing. 

Training & Workshops

Staff at the User Research Center offer regular training sessions to staff who are interested in conducting usability tests, interviewing users, or performing other types of user tests. Usually, training will be tailored for a specific test project after an initial testing study consultation.

We also offer training sessions for the software and equipment you can use and borrow from the Center.

The Center hosts workshops to dive deeper into UX testing techniques, explore participatory design, and discuss approaches to ethnographic testing. We are partner with other campus groups to host guest speakers or special events. Watch for announcements about upcoming workshops.

To set up a training session or workshop for your team, staff, or project group contact libraryux@harvard.edu.

View upcoming, scheduled trainings and events.

Books, Online Courses & More

There are many e-books, online courses, and videos available through Harvard that provide excellent insights into user experience testing. We have a small collection of UX books at the Center that staff can also borrow.

Recommended Lynda Courses on UX basics

Recommended E-Books on UX basics

A complete list of resources can be found on the internal UX @ Harvard Library Wiki.