Recruit Participants for Usability Testing

The User Research Center (URC) can provide consultations on what types and how many participants to recruit for your studies. We use a variety of recruitment approaches including:

HSA/URC Participant Pool Overview

The URC works with Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) to manage a participant pool of Harvard students who are interested in participating in usability testing, focus groups, and other user research activities. As of Fall 2018, there are 70 graduate students and 792 undergraduate students in the pool. Participants can be recruited by their year, academic concentration, or mobile device OS usage (Android/iOS).

Students can be hired for $35/hour (*Note: pricing subject to change) which covers payment for their time and time the HSA will spend recruiting and coordinating scheduling participants. Students will be paid through the HSA and your department/project can pay the invoice from HSA directly with a credit card. If you only have a 30-minute study, you may consider partnering with another department or running 2 studies during the hour to make the most of your time with students.

If you’d like to recruit participants for a study, please contact the URC at and we will help coordinate recruitment.

Recruiting and Incentives

Need ideas for email templates, recruiting methods, or incentive ideas? We have additional resources available on the UX Wiki for help (HarvardKey only), or email us at for assistance.