GMAS Usability Testing

GMAS Usability Testing

Usability testing with administrative staff from across Harvard.


Conduct regular usability testing sessions for new features and enhancements to GMAS that includes observation opportunities for developers and business partners.

What They Did

  • Book the URC two or three times a year for moderated usability testing in the participant & observation rooms. 
  • Train staff members on how to moderate and take notes during usability test sessions. 
  • Learn actionable feedback to improve the GMAS experience at every test session.


  • More team members know how to facilitate usability testing process.
  • Direct user feedback drives improvements to the system.
  • The GMAS team and stakeholders understand why task-based testing is critical to creating usable systems.


The biggest benefit in using the URC  is the observation set up - we’ve had six people in there watching live testing sessions which makes a big impact.

Andrew Malone, HUIT