Borrow Equipment

Staff may borrow any of the equipment listed below to support user testing activities in any Harvard library. Note that equipment is for usability/accessibility testing only and is not for personal use.

Some examples of when you might borrow equipment include when you want to:

  • Perform user testing in a location other than the User Research Center in Lamont Library.
  • Analyze tasks from a usability test, create recording clips, or review findings in your office or a local conference room.
  • Set up a test about/in a certain space, such as conducting a micro-feedback survey in a space with a tablet, running a way-finding study with eye-tracking glasses, or conducting an observational study in your location.
  • Conduct user interviews or record UX testing sessions in a space other than the User Research Center.

View and Request the URC's Equipment

View and request the User Research Center's equipment. Once you add equipment to your cart, you will complete the equipment request form at checkout. Please note that reservations must be made with a minimum 72 hours advance notice. If you have any questions about reserving the URC's equipment, please email us at


Please note that equipment at the User Research Center is only to be used for long-term usability or accessibility-related projects and not for personal use or unrelated student work. If you need to borrow equipment for personal/short-term usage, please check out Harvard Library's Multimedia Resources & Computers page.

We request that you please submit your equipment request with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice. (Eye-tracking equipment requires 14 days advance notice.) This ensures the equipment is available and ready for you to pick up. We do not accept walk-in requests for equipment rentals. The default loan period for equipment is two weeks. If you are interested in a longer term loan, please indicate this in the Additional Notes section at the bottom of the equipment request form.

Once you have submitted your equipment request, it will be reviewed by the User Research Center team. You will receive an email from the team typically within 1 business day regarding your request. Equipment must be picked up and returned during the User Research Center's hours. We are open 9:00AM–5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Data Storage

If you borrow URC equipment such as laptops, mobile, or tablet devices, please be sure to save your files to an external storage device (external hard drive, USB thumb drive) and transfer the files to your own storage before returning the equipment. All data on the equipment will be wiped upon return. We have external hard drives available that can be booked through the equipment request page.