Library UX Brief - Issue 3


Your Library UX Brief


Learning how users navigate the Widener Library stacks

Ever wondered how people find the items they’re looking for in the Widener Library stacks? Access Services & the Discovery to Delivery Working Group are collaborating on an in-person survey installed near the stacks exit to understand what information users take with them when locating an item on the shelf. Similar surveys may also take place in other libraries. The data collected will inform future updates to how location information is presented in HOLLIS+.

Library UX Brief - Issue 2

Your Library UX Brief

UX Research at HKS Library

During Spring 2016, HKS library staff ran several user tests to inform their website design and collect feedback about their space. Through usability testing, they learned that their users expect to see a prominent search box on the homepage and look for the word ‘help’ rather than choosing the existing “Ask Us" & "Fast Answers” links. They will be making changes to the content on their homepage and the design of the Ask Us (LibAnswers) page.

Library UX Brief - Issue 1

Your Library UX Brief


Current Harvard Library UX Projects

  • Usability testing on the Library Portal is wrapping up this month. To date we've tested the site with over 30 undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members. Results will be shared with the community soon.

  • The Divinity School library is performing user tests this Spring. They are engaging students in focus groups as well as performing eye-tracking tests on their website.